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Great style

"so I stuck a "To be continued" in so I could get it out of my life." lol XD good one, I should do that too... Though that was funny, it would be cool that you finish this, it has a lot of potential. I really like your style it looks awesomely neat.


Just awesome, great idea man, it was lotta fun!


That was fun :P That character you invented was really cool indeed. It would be cool to see him in another adventure :)

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Loved the game!! Every level was very fun and creative. The graphics & music fit perfectly. I'm working on a game in which every level is different too, and I know it must be a lot of work you put in every stage even if some were short.

Probably the best tribute I'lve played

There are so many 8-bit flash games out there but this is probably the best tribute to a NES game I've played. You made an awesome choice picking the games, I loved Urban Champion, Baloon Fight (not sure if that was the name), Zelda, and almost every game!! You really did an awesome job!! It plays like real NES games. Congrats on the good work!!

Great addicting game!

Hi there Ali, don't know if you remember me from Flashkit. First I have to say this is an awesome game, very well polished in every aspect. Second, it is impossible not to compare it to Motherload if you've played it before, and I have... a lot. in fact it's one of my favorite Flash games of all time, and the similarities are quite noticeable. So having that in mind I must say you've improved some things from that one, and that this game stands up to the heat very well.

I liked the fact that you only spend fuel when you move, and when you are beneath the surface, which makes not too stressing. The visual style is very neat and so does the sounds, they fit very well overall.

One thing I also liked is that you designed the game in a way that it makes you drill more sideways rather than going straight underneath, which was something that you could do on Motherload if you knew what was it all about. And that was the best technique to use, going downwards to get to the more pricy minerals faster. With your upgrade system it pushes you to get more of the first minerals in order to go deeper, which I think you managed very well. I must say though, that the upgrades are a bit to high to get after the first ones, but that's not too bad.

I must point too that even when drilling upwards is cool, it makes the game easier, taking the thinking away a bit.

Overall I find the game awesome and very rewarding, got hooked from the first minute. I'm glad that a game like this was done and it is this good, because I love this whole drilling thing a lot. Haven't got too far in the game so I'll see if I find something interesting in the bottom :P Keep up the good work!

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Wow! I just love this song!!! ... love this trance man, great job!

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It is actually really awesome! You can leave it like that cus it's pretty cool just as it is. How do you achieve such a good artwork? what program did u use?


Love your style! It's awesome!!

Hoboweasel responds:


I'm a game developer from Guatemala. I'm proud to say I'm son of GOD and I have to tell you: believe in JESUS! Hope you like my work.

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